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Caseworker Guidance and Information

The guidelines and information listed below is intended for RUCU Caseworkers as well as members interested in coming forward as caseworkers themselves.

Casework guidance and training

Handling casework: a guide for UCU reps

UCU Activist Education Programme

Thompsons Solicitors Trade Union e-Training Hub

UCU Regional Office Bullying & Harassment Presentation



Supporting members with equality issues: a briefing paper for caseworkers

ACAS Guidelines: Discrimination and the law

Equality and Human Rights Commission: workplace adjustments


Bullying and Harassment

UCU Bullying and harassment toolkit resources


Contractual issues

Fixed-term regulations: requesting confirmation of permanance

Fixed-term Information Pack: Your employment rights on a Fixed-Term Contract



171212 Preparing a Capability case: UCU Regional Training

171212 Regional Training Capability: UCU Regional Office Presentation


Disability & Reasonable Adjustments

ACAS Reasonable Adjustments (What reasonable adjustments are / Asking for reasonable adjustments / If an employer does not make reasonable adjustments)

171212 Disability & Reasonable Adjustments: UCU Regional Office Presentation

UCU: Disclosing a disability

UCU Adjustment Passport

UCU Reasonable Adjustments: Removing barriers to disabled people at work

UoR Tailored Adjustments Plan (TAP)


Discipline and Grievance

ACAS Guidelines on Discipline and Grievance

ACAS: Formal grievance procedure: step by step

Citizens Advice: Grievance Checklist

Regional Office presentation- ACAS code of practice on Grievance


Financial Advice

Free Financial Advice for UCU members: Lighthouse



UCU Maternity rights for fixed term contract and casually
employed staff

Acas guide to managing redundancy for pregnant employees or those on maternity leave