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RUCU Collective Agreement 2020: 2018/19 Local Pay & Equality Claim

The Agreement between UCU and University of Reading on Casualisation and Grade Drift can be found here:

The appendix to the agreement, can also be found here:

The RUCU Claim negotiators fought hard to gain the following improvements for RUCU members:

· The clear statement that sessional contracts should only be used in very defined circumstances, such as short-term staff absence or other unforeseen emergency cover
· The multiplier of x3 for teaching contact hours
· The addition of paid hours for marking, induction, required training and professional development.
· The review of current sessional contracts for conversion to fractional contracts and permanency
· The offer of a fractional contract for staff working more than 0.2 FTE, and of a permanent contract for staff with four years continuous employment
· The setting of clear limits of duties and responsibilities for grade 6 roles
. The use of grade 6 contracts for a maximum of 12 months
· The review of grade 6 teaching intensive contracts for conversion to grade 7 if exceeding grade 6 duties and responsibilities
· The limits to administrative and managerial roles undertaken by academic staff at grade 7 in order to prevent grade drift

The Reading UCU ballot, on this casualisation and grade drift claim, closed late December 2020 and achieved a 95.6% acceptance of the proposal.

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