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Please click here to view our READING UCU LOCAL PAY AND EQUALITY CLAIM.

Last Claim update Nov 2019:

We know that a lot of you are waiting to hear an update from us regarding the negotiations about our local claim (see here: The claim covers three areas: Casualisation, grade drift and the gender pay gap.

We submitted the claim in September 2018 and started negotiations with Senior Management in November 2018. We agreed to first focus on casualisation and grade drift, because there were links between casualisation and grading and because we believed that dealing with these two issues first would provide information relevant to the discussion of the gender pay gap – of which, in fact, a potential high number of women on low grades and precarious contracts can be a significant factor.

Since November 2018, the negotiating committee met at least once, mostly twice monthly. A number of surveys, consultations, campaigning activities (from our side) and data extractions accompanied the process. We invited our members for an update meeting on 13 June 2019, where we received some useful feedback about a couple of sticking points regarding Grade 6 Teaching Fellows which we took back into the negotiations.

We were hoping to have finished negotiations on these two claim sections by now, but unfortunately, due to the complexity of the negotiations on these two points of the claim, we have not yet reached a final agreement. We are currently already negotiating on the basis of a draft agreement since a number of major points could be agreed, and we are now at the stage to review the wording of this document and remaining procedural points within a generally agreed outline – while being alert to the fact that these aspects can have far-reaching consequences.

Once we have finalised an agreement, it will be put to you for a vote.

Please note that the dispute underlying the upcoming strike action about which you voted in favour of is not addressed by the local claim negotiations. The local negotiations cannot resolve the issues about which you were balloted. Our local claim negotiations address relevant issues which we have been seeking to resolve within this institution for a number of years now.