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Additional NEC information 2020

Officer and NEC elections 2020: additional materials

Election addresses can be found on the UCU website. Please click on the below for additional campaign material (candidates’ names appear in a random order drawn by the scrutineer, Civica Election Services.)

Trustees (3 seats)
David Limb (North West Regional College)
Martin Ralph (University of Liverpool)
Mike Barton (London retired members’ branch)
Dr Angela Roger (University of Dundee)
Angie McConnell (Open University)

Vice President (becoming president in 2022-23) (1 seat)
Margot Hill (Croydon College)
Janet Farrar (The Manchester College)

Geographically-elected members of the National Executive Committee

Northern Ireland HE (1 seat)
Philip McGowan (Queen’s University Belfast)
Linda Moore (Ulster University)

Northern Ireland FE (1 seat) (uncontested)
Monica Goligher (Belfast Metropolitan College)

Wales HE (1 seat) (uncontested)
Vida Greaux (University of South Wales)

North East HE (3 seats)
Ariane Bogain (Northumbria University)
Bruce E. Baker (Newcastle University)
Ruth Holliday (University of Leeds)
Dr Steve Lui (Dr Sun Chong Lui) (University of Huddersfield)
Joan Harvey (Newcastle University)
Dr Edward Yates (University of Sheffield)
Matilda Fitzmaurice (Durham University)

North East FE (1 seat)
Rachel Minshull (Leeds City College)
Saleem Rashid (Sheffield College)

London and the East HE (4 seats to include at least one woman)
Roddy Slorach (Imperial College London)
Holly Smith (University College London)[woman]
Annie Goh (UAL Central Saint Martins)[woman]
Sarah Brown (Anglia Ruskin University)[woman]
Dr Stan Papoulias (King’s College London)
Professor Paul Anderson (Queen Mary University of London)
Dr Claire Marris (City, University of London)[woman]

London and the East FE (2 seats)(uncontested)
Julia Roberts (Lambeth College)
Sean Vernell (Capital City College Group CANDI Lifelong Learning)

Midlands HE (1 seat) (casual vacancy)
David Harvie (University of Leicester)
Alan Barker (University of Nottingham)
Dr Teresa Forde (University of Derby)

Scotland (Honorary Secretary UCU Scotland) (1 seat) (casual vacancy)
Dr Eurig Scandrett (Queen Margaret University)
Ann Swinney (University of Dundee)

UK-elected members HE (5 seats; to include at least one post-92, one academic related)
Ann Swinney (University of Dundee)
Mark Abel (University of Brighton)[post-92]
Chloé Vitry (Lancaster University)
Dr Adam Ozanne (University of Manchester)
Shereen Benjamin (University of Edinburgh)
Michael McKrell (University of Central Lancashire)[post-92]
Jo McNeill (University of Liverpool)[academic related]
Ann Gow (University of Glasgow)
Sunil Banga (Lancaster University)
Dr Mark Pendleton (University of Sheffield)
Mike Finn (University of Exeter)
Dr Leon Rocha (University of Lincoln)[post-92]
Julie Hearn (Lancaster University)
Jamie Melrose (University of Bristol)
Dr Chris O’Donnell (University of the West of Scotland) [post-92]
Sarah King (University of Sussex)[academic related]
Michael Carley (University of Bath)

UK-elected members HE (casual vacancy)(1 seat)
Chloé Vitry (Lancaster University)
Dr Mark Pendleton (University of Sheffield)
Sunil Banga (Lancaster University)

UK-elected members FE (3 seats; to include at least one ACE and one woman)
Lauren Mura (Blackburn College)
Saleem Rashid (Sheffield College)
Richard McEwan (New City College Tower Hamlets [Poplar])

Naina Kent (Hackney ACE) [ACE] [woman]

As there is only one adult continuing or community-based education (ACE), Naina Kent will be declared elected to one of the three FE UK-elected seats, which also fulfils the criteria for one woman to be elected; a ballot is taking place between the remaining candidates to elect 2 FE UK-elected candidates.

UK-elected members FE (casual vacancy)(1 seat)
Nina Doran (City of Liverpool College)
Kevin Lynch (Sunderland College)

Representatives of women members (5 seats; three HE and two FE members to be elected)
Higher education (3 seats)
Rhiannon Lockley (Birmingham City University)
Dr Joanne Edge (University of Manchester)
Marian Mayer (Bournemouth University)
Pura Ariza (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Madhu Krishnan (University of Bristol)
Dr Rhian Elinor Keyse (University of Exeter)
Julie Wilkinson (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr Joanna de Groot (University of York)
Dr Renee Prendergast (Queen’s University Belfast)

Further education (2 seats)(uncontested)
Carolyn Campbell (The Trafford College Group)
Stephanie Williams (Bath College)

Representatives of migrant members (2 seats)(uncontested)
Dima Chami (University of Leeds) [non-EU]
Robyn Orfitelli (University of Sheffield) [non-EU]