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May, 2022:

Reading UCU Elections 2022

We are updating you as to the recent nomination process for RUCU Committee roles, prior to the RUCU AGM on 9th June. The nominations at the end of this email were uncontested, and the format of the new committee will be announced formally at the AGM.

In addition to these uncontested roles, the Returning Officer received two valid nominations for the post of Reading UCU President, which means that Reading UCU will be holding an online election for this position, facilitated by our Regional Office and UCU HQ.


The election will open on Thursday 26 May.  The vote will be open until 11am on Thursday 9 June 2002. We expect to be able to inform members of the result of this election at the Branch AGM.

In order to vote, you will receive an individualised link from UCU HQ to the email account that you have registered as your UCU contact address. Please check your junk/’other’ folder if you do not receive this link in your inbox. To check which email account you have registered for UCU HQ, please click here (members who have forgotten their membership number, in order to access MyUCU, can click here).

Voting eligibility is defined as full standard, standard free, retired and attached members. (UCU members in the following categories are not eligible to vote: student).  
If you are a student, please do check that you are on the correct membership category, as employed postgraduates on the ‘full free membership/standard free’ are eligible to vote. More information on student membership categories is outlined here  
All members can check that they are in the correct membership category, and/or update records in order to transfer to a different category, via MyUCU.

The deadline for requesting replacement voting links is 12:00 noon Thursday 2nd June. This date also applies to those members who need to update their membership category via MyUCU in order to receive a voting link. In both cases, please contact the RUCU Branch Administrator by 12:00 noon Thursday 2nd June:

There are a number of positions on the Reading UCU Branch Committee which are still available to Reading UCU members.  We will give more information about these roles, and how members can get involved, at the Reading UCU Branch AGM which will be taking place on Thursday 9 June 2022.

We would very much appreciate your participation in this democratic process.  Please use your vote in these elections.

Uncontested Reading UCU Nominations:

The Treasurer

Simone Knox

The Secretary

Nat Willmott

The Equality Officer

Ellen Owens

The Anti-casualisation officer

Rita Balestrini

* Sally Pellow and Deepa G Driver will automatically be on the Reading UCU Branch Committee as NEC Ex Officio Committee members. 

RUCU AGM Announcement: 9th June

Dear RUCU members,

We are sending you an invite to the Reading UCU Annual General Meeting 2022. 

This is the formal announcement, required under local rules (, of the meeting which will take place on Thursday the 9th of June. An agenda will be circulated for the meeting 14 days beforehand, by the 26th of May, as also required under local rules. We will need to have receive any items for the agenda, including motions, by 5pm on 24th of May.

If you would like to participate more in the Branch’s work, please consider standing for election as an ordinary Committee member or as one of the Branch Officers. If you would like more information, there is a description of the responsibilities of the roles currently in the Local rules of our website at in section 8, or have a chat with one of the existing Committee members (names and contact details also on the website). 

Our Returning Officer, Moray McAulay (Southern UCU Regional Official), will need to receive all nominations by 12 noon Thursday the 12th of May. ​Please send your nominations to Colette Maxfield, the Branch Administrator, who will pass them on to the returning officer. Nomination forms are available on the Branch website at

Each nomination should be supported by two members of the Branch. Please include the two members in your email (in cc), so that they can email to confirm support for the nomination. Positions for which there is only one candidate will be elected unopposed, while any elections required will be carried out through an online ballot of members in the weeks between the close of nominations and the AGM.

Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you everybody and take care

Reading UCU