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March 3rd, 2022:

Regional Office Advice Regarding Recent HR Email [Subject: UCU industrial action]

UCU’s own guidance states, after a period of strike action has taken place, that if your employer asks you to confirm whether or not you partook in the action you should respond honestly. Of course, what is not more clearly defined is what or “who” is meant by “the employer”.

Our UCU Regional Office understands that this a more recent and new development at University of Reading, that of HR emailing staff directly. Please read carefully the UCU’s FAQ on industrial action, as a number of the requests that HR outline in the message to staff are actually all covered by the ongoing ASOS mandate that we hold (i.e. not uploading materials related to lectures/seminars missed due to strike action). [For more information on our ASOS mandate, please check our up to date blog post here.]

If you have not yet responded to the University, you may want to email your line manager to inform them that you partook in strike action and on what days, in order to fulfil your obligations in this regard.