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October, 2018:

The Gender Pay Gap Lunch, 16th October!

The University of Reading has a 19.6% gender pay gap ( ) and on October 16th we hit the date after which women staff are no longer paid compared to men (see for the calculation of this date: The University has not committed to any formal plan or schedule to eliminate this pay gap, but only ‘set institutional targets to address the gender imbalance in senior roles’ by 2020. Thus we are addressing this issue as one of the aspects of our local claim, just submitted to the University.


To mark this day women members joined together and had their lunch on October 16th from 1 pm to 2 pm on the lawn in front of Whiteknights House to make visible to the University how much it relies on unpaid (from October 16th onwards) women’s labour.

Gender Pay Gap Lunch 16th October