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April 12th, 2018:

Reminder to vote on UUK proposal

Have you voted in the ballot?  If not, PLEASE vote.  In any ballot result it’s essential that everyone has been able to state their views and contribute to the overall result: there is nothing worse than a poor turnout which then means that the overall result is not necessarily representative. Many of you have already told me that you’re reading all the tweets, blogs, and emails that are being sent out by many of our fellow union members (and some non-members) and I doubt I’ve spotted anything that you’ve missed: but collates (currently) seventeen different papers written by a number of academics (including our own Deepa Govindarajan Driver), with varying viewpoints from ‘accept’ to ‘reject’.

In simple terms, though, a vote of NO means that you are committing to further strike action in May, during exams and marking, and to further discussions about the shape of our pensions; a vote of YES means that strike action (including ASOS) will be suspended whilst negotiations resume on the basis of the UUK proposal.

Voting closes at 2.00pm tomorrow, Friday 13th April!