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July, 2015:

Professional and Administrative Services (PAS) Review

The PAS seems to crop up only intermittently at the moment. Reading UCU is interested in a number of aspects here, but most importantly we would like to know: what is happening? What is going to happen? What is it all going to cost?

There is continued concern about the implementation of these changes. One issue that has been raised, but remains unclear after many months, is the matter of safety arrangements. Safety demands in departments vary widely, but in many, particularly the sciences, there are numerous specialist issues to be dealt with. This needs highly trained staff embedded in areas (as they are now). Furthermore, the University must fulfil their legal duty of providing staff with enough time to perform safety tasks, attend training and other matters. For example, much more information is needed on how PAS will affect Area Safety Coordinators and Building Managers, and senior management was pressed on this at a recent University Health and Safety Committee meeting. UCU will fight to ensure that whatever the changes, the safety of staff and students will not be compromised.